Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Brunch: Mango Carrot Smoothies

On foodie weekends such as Super Bowl weekend, I like to take on a lighter breakfast. I made way too much food last night so I can't even imagine eating a big breakfast. First I made homemade cheeze-its and snacked on a couple. I made a homemade salsa for my husband to eat while I was slaving away in the kitchen. My mind is so cloudy I can't remember what I made next. Wait, I remember . . . I mixed up some polomas a drink with tequila, Squirt, lime juice and salt all in a mason jar over ice. I'm not finished, I made dinner which was a turkey quinoa meatloaf with lemon roasted asparagus, and then I made dog biscuits to ship out to my sister (I know you're thinking it and I did not sample those). I topped it off with some homemade soft pretzels, they were so soft, chewy, buttery and salty that I could not stop eating them hence the liquid diet this morning.

When it comes to smoothies I'm a texture girl. I don't like seedy smoothies, I hate when smoothies are too liquidy and chunks in my smoothies give me the goosebumps. This smoothie has never failed me. It is always smooth and consistent and I promise you it does not taste like carrot juice.

Mango Carrot Smoothies
2 c carrot juice
2 c frozen mangos

You can use store bought or homemade carrot juice. Just make sure the carrot juice is pure carrot juice without any other juices or added sugar.
First add the carrot juice and then add the frozen mangoes.

Cheers to an easy, light breakfast. As for the Super Bowl let the best men win.


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