Monday, November 8, 2010

Too Little Time, Too Much to Cook

I have almost spent one day of every week of my life watching and helping my grandma cook for my family. My Ahma is of Chinese descent, growing up in Hawaii and moving to California in the 1960's. Food memories from my childhood consisted of shrimp curry, dim sum, fried rice, lau lau, poi, homemade tamales, canned salsa, canned veggies, lemon meringue pie, an unlimited assortment of cookies, and of course any type of American food. Ahma could put together any mix of ingredients and make it taste good. I love my grandma, and I love cooking.

Now I am almost 30 (yikes), married, I have one dog and work a full time job.  My life consists of getting home after 6PM, making dinner, cleaning up, walking the dog, talking to the husband and going to sleep. Every night my husband helps me to prepare dinner, it brings us together and creates memorable moments. If I can share the same experience with others, I'll feel very satisfied.


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