Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm obsessed with recipes, so what?

When cooking in high school I relied on my grandma's recipes and the Betty Crocker cookbook (my mom's old trusty). After I graduated college, website after website started publishing an infinite amount of recipes that were waiting just for me. What did I do? I printed out every recipe I liked and cataloged it into a binder. Soon my binder turned into binders and eventually my binders turned into boxes. Evidence A: See Below
What I've learned is that not all recipes are created equal. Some recipes just don't end up tasting good, some recipes I have no patience for. Tons of recipes leave me and my husband with 4 days of leftovers when the only time that is acceptable is in the form of mashed potatoes. I will use my experiences to make your life easier and provide recipes that taste good and are perfectly suited for two people.


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