Friday, November 19, 2010

My sister can skillet

I have been rewriting this introduction for the last two hours. My goal was to introduce my sister to this blog with a funny story but they seemed to include me biting my sister, my sister throwing a big gulp at me or me getting my teeth knocked out. Not the best introductions.

Instead here are a couple of fun facts about my sister:

1. Michele's nickname in high school was Monkey Butt
2. Michele once started an oil fire in the kitchen while trying to make fried ice cream
3. Michele has a recipe called "Hot Fruit" hopefully she'll share it with us one day
4. Michele is a mechanical engineer, amazing artist and great cook

My sister has an amazing knack for concocting recipies out of those random pantry items. Plus my sister can skillet.


Michele said...

I love you Jack Jack!

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